House Cleaning Tips & Tricks

In today’s modern world, filled with added tasks and extra worries, we could all use some quick house cleaning tips to help move everything along. We are fortunate enough to live amongst some very high tech and convenient tools to get things going as well, and you should take advantage of anything available which makes your life, and job, easier. My first house cleaning tip for you is to invest in a handheld feather duster. Of course, it doesn’t have to be made of feathers, but any static bearing cotton fluff should do. The point of this is to dab the dust off of your furniture and shelves periodically throughout the week. This should only take about five minutes to complete, depending on the size of your home and how many things there are for dust to hide behind. Doing this could cut dramatically into the amount of time it takes you to heavy dust once a month.

Aside from the feather duster, it is a great house cleaning tip to invest in a hand held vacuum cleaner. This tool is an absolute savoir for those with pets and children. In small rooms, such as half baths or laundry facilities, you can clean the entire floor in about three minutes, whereas it could take that long just to sweep behind the toilet with a broom. The hand held vacuum is also a great tool for window panes and sills, and can be put to good use during spring cleaning of windows. You know that place where the bug carcasses and black chunks of dirt gather mystically throughout the winter? Yup, the hand held will allow you to whisk them away without further ado. I have a handheld vacuum placed discreetly in four rooms of my home, never too far out of reach for the next dirty little job. These little guys are a life saver.

For those of us with more than one bathroom, it is understandably difficult to keep on top of every sanitary issue that can pop up. The bathroom can be a scary place, especially where kids are concerned, and there are a few house cleaning tips that can help you to control the amount of germ activity and disorder which can occur. In today’s modern world we have magical antibacterial wipes…use them! They are wonderful for toilet rims and seats, sloppy countertops after a young one has done such a great job brushing his teeth. They take about two minutes to tug out of the container, do their job, and be flushed down the toilet. For the streaks that they may leave behind, you can be armed with a soft paper towel. Simply allow a moment for the strong germ killers to do their magic, and then shine the surface quickly with your dry paper towel.