More Cleaning Tips Here

What’s the easiest way to clean your home? Pay someone else to do it. While that sounds all well and good, it also can be costly. House cleaning never really sounds like the best day ever, and getting behind that fridge looking for dust bunnies or scrubbing and scrubbing that stain in the sink isn’t always an easy thing to do, not to mention very time consuming. Who has the time these days to clean their entire house anyways! So if you’re looking for ways to make the job easier and quicker, here are some quick tips for a speedy clean to get things done. First, making a list of the chores needed to get done from highest of importance to least of importance is a great way to start. Second, have a closet space or storage bin of all your cleaning supplies. That way, everything is organized and ready to be used the second you need it. Third, clear the clutter. Your floors, counters, and tables will be much easier to clean if their not covered in papers or garbage. Four, use your other hand. Don’t just use on hand because using both simultaneously can get double the work done.

Five, ask for some help if the job is just too big to tackle. Teamwork always gets the job efficiently and quickly. Last but not least, six. Once you are done, and everything looks brand new, tidy up. Reorganize the pillows on your sofa, freshen up the space with air freshener spray, and clean up all your cleaning supplies, putting them neatly back in the organized place where you got them so they’re ready to go next time. Nothing is worse when it comes to cleaning and you realize your out of windex, or your favourite cleaning cloth is missing.

Which reminds me, another thing to remember is to keep track of what your low on and make a list or a sticky note reminder to pick up a new one next time you go to the store. These are just a few tips among many, but consider them and use them, they just might make life easier for you. It is possible to do something speedy and efficient at the same time. All you need is a little preparation, determination, and direction. Just make a routine of these tips, stick to it, and don’t waver. If you find other ways to make a speedy clean up work, then go for it. As long as you have a plan, your house doesn’t stand a chance!